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Health Insurance Reforms

Ever since President Obama was inaugurated, there has been an ongoing controversy surrounding health insurance. The most sought after topic has been reform, up until lately when the issue of antitrust issues arose.

 The entire health insurance industry has been in a chaotic uproar ever since new plans began being proposed to United States congress.

 If the plan does in fact go into effect, health insurance providers will more than likely have to pay additional taxes, thus putting their would-be profits at risk.

 The health insurance industry as a whole has had the unique privilege for the past 64 years of being exempt from antitrust laws.

 Currently, health insurance is controlled mostly by few major players: Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, United Health, and Health Net. Many customers who are seeking out health insurance turn to online search engines to find their best options and often face the health insurance monopoly of these companies. But, why not venture off to more plausible, affordable options?

 There are plenty out there. In fact, working with an insurance broker versus an individual insurance company, will almost always provide you with better results in terms of both premiums and coverage.

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Antitrust laws would be beneficial, as they would assist in promoting competition among all the major insurance companies and help prevent any one company from taking over the market entirely.

 Enabling competition would not only lower pricing, but also provide more selections for the consumer.

 The subject of antitrust laws as a whole has up until now been pushed off, in an attempt to achieve the original change the industry sought after.

 In the beginning when the issue first became a major obstacle for the Obama administration, the main topics of the health care agenda were funding, fiscal responsibility, and illegal immigrants.

 However, with the public outcry over recent issues and the overall failure of the congress to come to any sort of agreement in terms of reform, politicians have been pushed to think outside the box and deal with other issues. This is where antitrust laws first came into play.

 With congress providing insurers overall invincibility, legislation constructed a way for health insurance providers to share information without being responsible for either price fixing or collusion. Apparently, congress’s initial plan backfired horribly.

 Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has taken the lead in getting the new health bill off the ground. Pelosi is hopeful of passing the legislation as an individual legislation, aside from the overall health care reform.

 For once, Speaker Pelosi has come up with a plan that has received positive feedback from both sides of the political world.

 If the bill passes, it will help jump start health care reform being passed, which will ultimately allow all Americans to have the option of having health insurance that will have to undergo both public scrutiny and antitrust laws.



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