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Auto Insurance & DUI

Many drivers know that there will inevitably be repercussions if you are caught drinking and driving, but they do not seem to know exactly how it will affect your auto insurance in the long run. DUI tickets stay on your driving record longer than other types of tickets such as speeding tickets.

 The truth is… it depends. What happens after you are charged with driving under the influence will vary based on a few different things. Certain components that are taken in to consideration are both the state that you live in and the insurance company you are insured with.

 In extreme cases, drivers who receive a DUI have even had their policies cancelled all together. You can lose your driver’s license entirely for a specified time as designated by state law. One thing that is certain regardless of whether it goes into effect instantly or once you receive your license back is that you will experience higher rates than before the incident occurred. Many insurance companies consider those who acquire DUIs to be what they call ‘high risk drivers’. Just as it states, you are a higher risk to them.

 Other negative aspects of receiving a DUI include the points that they will endure on your license. Points alone can increase your premium. This can even cause you to be turned away from new job opportunities. Some insurance companies will not even insure you if you have a DUI on your record; however, companies such as Progressive would never turn you away because of that but will charge a higher premium.

 Getting a DUI may be one of the toughest things one ever experiences; however, it is not the end of the world. Regardless, you will pay the consequences for a long time. Your best bet is to simply not drink and drive.

 ASJ Insurance have access to a number of companies like The Hartford, MetLife Auto & Home, Progressive, Infinity, Bristol West, Occidental and many more companies and we are confident that one of the companies is going to be a good fit for your auto insurance needs that will save you money too. If you have any questions regarding auto insurance, visit ASJ Insurance & Financial Services Inc.’s website http://www.asjautoinsurance.com/ or give them a call today (602) 212-1048 or toll free at (877) 275-2201, open weekdays 10am to 6pm and by appointment on Saturdays.



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