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Health Insurance Fraud

With the economy still currently struggling to get back on its feet, many companies have found a prime opportunity to construct fake insurance fraud. Advocates from CBS say that health insurance scams are at an all time high right now. These problems have been occurring in every state around the country.

 James Quiggle, of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud told CBS News, “People are suffering devastating financial losses. They are looking for a better health insurance deal. Swindlers love this kind of environment.”

 Unfortunately, for customers such as Bob Harper, this is a very realistic nightmare.

 With a tough economy, rising healthcare costs, and millions of people desperate for coverage, Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen describes the current situation as a ‘perfect storm’.

 One company undergoing investigation American Trade Association (ATA) has been accused of taking advantage of as many as 12,000 people nationwide.

 Harper found out his coverage was phony when he was preparing to receive life-saving surgery.

 “I was lying in my bed, honestly praying to God, ‘How am I going to get out of this?” Harper said.

 ATA has put many costumers like Harper in way over their head. Although ATA covered his prescriptions, he has been left owing $2,000 in uncovered claims.

 One consumer reportedly has $60,000 in unpaid medical bills, yet they had been paying monthly premiums to ATA.

 Harper has been left fearing his future. He is currently 63-years-old, has a handful of pre-existing conditions, and is virtually every insurance company’s worst nightmare.

 When CBS’s “Early Show” requested an interview with the reported fraudulent company ATA, they denied, but responded with the statement: “We have paid in full every single claim that met the terms of coverage, and we will continue to pay those that are outstanding.” ATA adds that it’s working to resolve issues with insurance regulators.”

 ATA, including other companies that have been accused of undergoing similar schemes are currently being investigated by the FBI.

 With so many frauds being constructed nationwide, it is important to have your guard up when shopping for insurance.

 Things to look for:

Aggressive sales (unsolicited faxes, phone calls or emails offering plans that sound too good to be true, especially if their  premiums that are much lower than the competitors. Companies that have very little information about themselves or the company’s backing the plan.

 If you are unsure, you can always contact your state insurance commissioner. This will enable you to make sure the company you have chosen to work with is licensed to sell insurance.

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