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Importance of Life Insurance

Given the constant reminder of how important savings and cutting back are during times of economic crisis, like today, many people are wondering exactly how necessary life insurance really is. We’re here to tell you that the answer is: very important.

 Life insurance is the number one way to reach financial independence. The burden of planning a financial future for you and your loved ones will virtually be lifted off your shoulders, as this is the exact job of any life insurance policy.

Americans nowadays have a variety of stresses to worry about including raising families, caring for aging parents, not to mention managing their own careers. So, it’s safe to say that what exactly happens to your family after you pass on is probably far from your mind. Although, equally important as the above responsibilities.

No matter what your individual situation may be, it is critical to have some sort of control of your finances at all times. For certain scenarios this means setting goals, formulating a plan, and monitoring the progress. In terms of your family’s future, you should take it a step farther, and purchase a life insurance policy to make sure that your family is 100 percent taken care of, regardless of what the future may hold.

Life insurance is the foundation of all sound financial plans. It is necessary.

Life is full of uncertainty and inevitable tragedy. Whether we experience them ourselves, read about them in the newspaper, or even hear about them on the news, it is happening all around us at any given time.

You are able to provide comfort for your family (dependents), by letting them know that there is a life insurance plan provided for them, should a tragedy struck and you are no longer there to provide for the family.

Did you know that life insurance not only helps pay for pricey funeral expenses, but it can also be used to pay off your mortgage, credit card balances, auto loans, other secured or unsecured loans and other household expenses? It can also supplement retirement savings, fund future education costs, and even help pay off estate taxes. Your family will be able to avoid having to sell assets because they need to pay off outstanding bills or taxes, just because you forgot to take the time to organize a simple life insurance plan.

If you’re the financial breadwinner in your family, then more than likely your wife and/or children depend heavily on you. In the event of your untimely death, life insurance can cover child care and even future needs such as college tuition etc.

Life insurance is the perfect answer for smaller families with low savings to depend on, yet a lot of responsibilities. One individual life insurance policy can help the surviving members of a family survive for years, pay the bills, and raise the children.

This isn’t saying that only men with families are the only key recipients of life insurance. Even women, who are married with children and either, own their own business or have significant financial assets to protect, need life insurance. Make the decision to protect you and your family’s future. Get life insurance today. If you are in the states of Arizona or California, please contact ASJ Insurance & Financial Services Inc. They are the experts and represent many reputable life insurance companies like The Hartford, MetLife, Lincoln Financial, AXA Equitable, Lincoln Benefit, Pacific Life, Ohio National, West Cos, American General and many other companies. You can get an instant comparative Term Life Insurance quote at www.asjtermlifeinsurance.com or inquire about beginning your life insurance plan today at:  (602) 212-1048.



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