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Health Insurance Reforms on the way….

After heavy anticipation from residents nationwide, the long-awaited healthcare bill was finally voted on. A national effort has been induced in order to put a spotlight on the numerous Americans who are currently living without any type of health insurance whatsoever.

Even those who are not unemployed including Hazel Layne, who is actually a health caregiver for Alzheimer patients at an assisted living facility in West Virginia, is forced to go visit the West Virginia Health Right Center when she is ill because her employer does not offer insurance to its employers who don’t get paid at least a predetermined amount.

“They offer insurance, but I don’t get paid enough to get their insurance,” said Layne.

Layne is just one of nearly 19,000 residents of West Virginia who receive treatment at the free clinic each year. An overwhelming 83% of these people actually have jobs; however, are not offered group health insurance benefit.

The executive director of the West Virginia Health Right Clinic, Pat White, considers these particular patients to be “the working poor”. “They are people that are at fast food restaurants, that are mowing lawns, that are cleaning offices, there are many of them having two or three jobs, but just not being able to afford, or not being offered, health care insurance by their employer.”

White feels that the country can no longer handle the unbelievably high number of uninsured citizens since that number is continuing to grow at such a shocking rate. Not to mention, the fact that the price of typical health insurance has continued to rise every year.

White is among the people who feel that something needs to be done immediately and stresses that this is a national issue and not just a problem in the state of West Virginia.

“They live sicker, and they die sooner than the rest of the population that has health insurance coverage,” says White.

For those living through this particular predicament daily such as Layne, they believe that anyone who works and pays taxes should be able to get affordable health insurance. She sums up the national debate this way.

According to Gavin Magor, a Ratings Senior Insurance Analyst, there are presently 46 million Americans living uninsured. More than 9 million of these people happen to be children. The worst part is that more than eight out of 10 of these people come from working families.

Luckily, for all Americans the issue of health care reform has been a prime subject in recent weeks and hopefully pushed through the congress. Until we as a country reach such a life changing decision, it is vital to know that you have other options. There is still affordable health care insurance out there.

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