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States find ways to deal with Uninsured Drivers

Recently the state of Oklahoma implemented a bill that will eventually result in fewer automobiles on the road. The bill forbids any vehicle to be driven without insurance, which is the same in every state in the United States. The difference? Oklahoma has made it a rule that they are allowed to automatically tow away any vehicle without proper insurance.

After many voters requesting that a bill such as this be passed, state Representative, Steve Martin, finally stepped forward and presented the bill hoping to take all uninsured drivers off the road.

This bill comes shortly after the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety put instant auto insurance verification systems into place. The new systems make it possible for police officers to verify whether or not you have legit auto insurance in less than eight seconds. All they have to do is check your license tag number. It’s as easy as that. Although these verification systems have been in place for several months, but prior to this bill, law enforcement officials could not seize a vehicle that was uninsured. Bottom line: If you are driving in the state of Oklahoma without auto insurance and get pulled over, you better have money to accommodate a pricey cab ride home.

This comes as great news to the millions of drivers out there who are insured to see those who do not taken off the streets. When an automobile accident occurs involving an uninsured driver it affects both drivers negatively; nonetheless, is an easily avoidable hassle.

With such positive feedback, do not be surprised if other states follow Oklahoma’s footsteps and begin to enforce similar laws.

So what can you as an individual motorist do to make sure your vehicle doesn’t get towed and impounded upon being pulled over? It’s simple. Get auto insurance and make your monthly payments, or be prepared to pay the consequences that come along with driving without insurance.

It is very easy to find reasonable auto coverage these days with all of the instant auto insurance quote systems available online. There are endless ways to keep your monthly premiums down as well and driving uninsured is definitely not one of them. In fact, in the long run you will end up with way more expenses compared to a low monthly rate. In current times, it is impossible to hide from the law if you are driving uninsured.

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