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Things to Know When Searching for Auto Insurance

 1. “You’re a statistic”: You will hear this general statement numerous times when you begin your hunt for auto insurance. Your premium will be based off of a combination of factors including the type of car you drive, its year, your age, your gender, marital status, your occupation, who you are, your personal driving violations, accident claims, credit rating, education, how far you drive to work, the miles you drive each year, your vehicle’s theft protection devices, where you live and how you live. This may appear to be an abundance of determinants; however, all of these can and will work both for and against you to come up with a reasonable monthly premium.

2. You will save money by comparison shopping. Just like when you prepare to purchase anything else, you are going to want to do your research before jumping the gun and making your ultimate decision. Prices for auto insurance will vary vastly depending on the provider. What may appear to be the same exact product can still have a different price tag, so make sure to do your research before committing to any specific company.

 3. it’s not just about price. It is also about the customer-service that your insurer provides. It is your right to do some background research regarding each insurance company’s history in terms of claims service. If a company takes forever to file a claim after an accident occurs or they are financially unstable, you are not going to want to sign up with them solely based on a low premium.

 4. Auto Insurance is not an area to be skimpy on. Most states only require liability coverage, which again will protect you from being held responsible for another party’s damages, in the event of an accident. You should look for more coverage beyond just the basics. For example collision, bodily injury, car rental, comprehensive, full glass, medical coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist, and towing are all additional types you can add to your policy. Just because you choose to get extended coverage does not mean that you will have to necessarily pay more. Many companies can work with you and come up with a reasonably priced multi-coverage plan designed just for you.

5. Research what discounts you are entitled to. Discounts are granted to reward behavior. For example, good grades and certain safe driving courses could make you eligible for monthly discounts. Do your homework before purchasing auto insurance. Any website that is willing to give you multiple quotes at once such as www.asjautoinsurance.com is the perfect place to start.

ASJ Insurance & Financial Services Inc. is any insurance customer’s ideal insurance agency of choice, because they work with multiple companies, which will in turn provide you with a listing of various quotes and from there you and your family can find the one that works for you. You can go ahead and request a no obligation quote at:


and the experts at ASJ Insurance & Financial Services Inc. will go to work on coming up with a number of auto insurance quotes from different companies such as The Hartford, MetLife Auto & Home, Progressive, Safeco, Infinity, Foremost, Bristol West and many more companies. Visit us at www.asjautoinsurance.com or call us at 602-212-1048 or toll free 877-275-2201.

At ASJ Insurance & Financial Services Inc. you are in the hands of elite, experienced professionals who have been providing insurance services to both Arizona and California residents for more than 10 years and will work for you non-stop until you are fully satisfied with the outcome.


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